Mears Media Group is a multi-channel network that broadcasts and narrowcasts a variety of content on diverse streaming carriers. Think of us as the Vice Network with a college degree. We operate a broadcast facility, performance stage, talk show set, cooking show set, videography set, photography studio, recording studio, and podcast studio in the Fishtown area of Philadelphia.  Fanbase Technology Co. is a Mears Media Group Venture.


Fanboy is an independent music production outfit that produces EDM and pop music and the associated animations, and controls the quality of those productions, similar to the virtual band, the Gorillaz. The Fanboy myth is that he is an artificial intelligence built to write and perform music. Services include the transmission and delivery of music, music videos, films, animations, short films, videos, movies, short stories, digital stories, comics, comic books, digital comic books, books, podcasts, video games, games, gaming, webcasts, news, media, simulations and human-computer animations via web, streaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, broadcasting, narrowcasting, electronic transmission, downloadable media and subscription. Contact: Fanboy@FanbaseMe.com for services or info.

Shows in Production

We apply a social media influencer model to broadcast quality content creation.

By seeking out sponsorships and affiliations with various products and brands we are able to fund the broadcasting and narrowcasting of digital audio and video content on  streaming carriers like Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Steemit, YouNow & Vimeo.


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Fanbase Technology Co.

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